Second Solar Park In Ma’an Governorate.


13 January 2019



Second Solar Park In Ma’an Governorate.

Location: Jordan

Date:  November/ 2017

Client: Ma’an Development Company (MDC)


The project is located in Ma’an governorate on land No. 35 at Aqiq Valley in Ma’an. The project aimed at to conduct studies, designs and all essential drawings necessary to construct a service road, subways and all service routes for electromechanical works. In addition to the project’s entrance and the fences around it, for the purpose of preparing the infrastructure works for the second PV field. The project included a group of PV fields with different areas ranges between 250 Donum and 1000 Donum, distributed around a main road that serves all these fields.

The project included the hydrological study of the catchment area (1,125km²) west of the site, to identify the torrents’ paths and floods’ water. Moreover, to specify the location, quality and capacity of the subways within the project. And to secure the efficient discharge of the floods’ water within the normal tracks outside the site towards the subways under the Hijaz railway.

The PV field site has a total area of 8,000 Donum. RUQN also prepared detailed designs for the service buildings within this assignment.


RUQN provided the following Services;

  1. Inspection Stage.
  2. Preliminary Studies.
  3. Final Preliminary Designs.
  4. Detailed Design and Tender documents.
  5. Final Detailed designs.