Force Main from Sukhneh Pump Station to East Zarqa Pump Station .


13 January 2019



Force Main from Sukhneh Pump Station to East Zarqa Pump Station .

Location: Jordan

Date:  March/2015 – December/2015

Client: Ministry of Water & irrigation /Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)


The project is located in an area that is between AL- Hashimieh and As-sukhnah in Zarqa governorate.

The key objective of this project is to provide the best engineering solutions to serve as many of the population of Sukhneh catchment as possible and to eliminate environment problem from the project area.

The purpose of this project is to provide engineering services for the design and preparation of construction tender documents for a new sewer pipeline from Sukhneh PS to the East Zarqa PS.

This project included the study of the existing wastewater system, assessing and evaluating the existing conditions to serve Asukhneh catchment area, the unserved neighbourhoods at Zarqa governorate and any other unserved catchment areas. In addition to studying, evaluating and assessing West Zarqa Pumping Station (WZPS), East Zarqa Pumping Station (EZPS) and Asukhneh zone.

RUQN Conducted the Feasibility study, preliminary designs, detailed designs and the prepared the tender documents related to all assignments of the projects.