Wadi Khneizira Water Harvesting System .


13 January 2019



Wadi Khneizira Water Harvesting System .

Location: Jordan

Date:  October/ 2017 – Present

Client: Ministry of planning and international Cooperation /Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)


The main purpose of this project is to prepare: Detailed design of two harvesting Ponds to accommodate (28,0000 cubic meters) of spring water, most of which will be stored in the summer. Water will be transferred from the existing irrigation line in the project area to the ponds and then to the existing irrigation main line with all the necessary facilities.

The project’s components as follows:

  • Studying the alternatives of ponds location, and conducting the hydrological studies,
  • Designing of roads with total length of 1.5 KM
  • Designing conveyor irrigation pipes with a total length of 1.5 KM
  • Pumping Station
  • and a floating PV.

RUQN was responsible for, the Feasibility study, preliminary designs, detailed designs and the preparation of tender documents related to this assignment.