The Rehabilitation of Khaw Water Pumping Station


13 January 2019



The Rehabilitation of Khaw Water Pumping Station

Location: Jordan

Date:  January / 2014 – November/2014  

Client: Ministry of Water & irrigation /Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)


This project is located in Khaw at Zarqa governorate, free zone intersection– Hashemite University.

The aim of this project is to rehabilitate Khaw Pump Station that pumps water to Zarqa, Hashimeih and Auwjan areas, and to decrease the amount of electricity used. Thus, decreasing the CO2 emissions amount. The pump station shall work effectively to supply water to the mentioned area until 2030.

This project executed the civil works related to rehabilitation the existing reservoir with a capacity of 12,000mᶟ and the station’s building and surroundings.  In addition to Mechanical and electrical works related to supplying and installing pumping units as follows:

  • 4 pumping units with power (Q= 500 mᶟ/hr)/Head = 200 m
  • 5 pumping units with power (Q= 500 mᶟ/hr)/Head = 120 m

Moreover, the project included the installation and operation of the SCADA system in accordance with the required standards and specifications. 

RUQN Conducted the preliminary design, detailed design and the prepared the tender documents related to all assignments of the projects.